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Scarlett Sabet


Scarlett Sabet is a London based poet and performer. She wrote, directed and starred in her poetic short film “Burning” which was produced by BAFTA winning producer Charlie Hanson in 2012. Her first collection "Rocking Underground" was launched with a reading at the Chelsea Arts Club in November 2014.

Her second collection "The Lock And The Key" was launched with a reading at Shakespeare and Company in Paris in July 2016. In October 2016 GQ online released a video of Scarlett performing her poem Feathers at Leighton House to celebrate National Poetry Day. In September 2016 Sir Van Morrison invited Scarlett to perform at Aspects Literary Festival in Belfast.

In January 2017 Scarlett was interviewed and gave a reading for the radio program "Van Morrison And Me" hosted by journalist John McCarthy for the BBC World Service, also featuring Sir Van Morrison, Brian Keenan and novelist Ian Rankin. In April 2017, Scarlett was invited by poet and Professor Dr. Dan Chiasson to give a reading at Wellesley College in Massachusetts. In May 2017 Scarlett was nominated for the Jerwood Compton Poetry Fellowship. In December 2017, Scarlett gave a reading and her humanitarian and political poems were exhibited alongside acclaimed photographer Jim Marshall's work for the Peace and Light exhibition at The Troubadour in London.

In March 2018 Scarlett launched her third collection of poetry Zoreh with a poetry reading at the iconic City Lights bookstore in San Francisco

Scarlett launched "Camille" a collection of almost 50 love poems on Valentine's Day at Shakespeare and Co in Paris, 2019. Interviewing Scarlett for the launch of Camille, Hunger magazine hailed Scarlett as "one of the brightest new stars on the international poetry scene, Scarlett Sabet has become renowned for her beautiful prose and emotive poetry readings" and placed Scarlett on their list of new-gen poets to watch in 2019.

In October 2019, Scarlett released Catalyst, a radical spoken world album, available on vinyl and all streaming platforms, featuring seven poems written and performed by her, and produced by the legendary Jimmy Page.

Scarlett has performed at the Aspects Literary Festival, and No Alibi’s bookshop in Belfast, Northern Ireland and Listowel Literary Festival in Ireland. She has performed at Byline Festival in the U.K. In London she has read at The Troubadour, the Poetry Cafe, the William Morris Gallery, the World's End Bookshop, Burberry, Paul Smith, The Groucho Club, Mortimer House, The Rosemary Branch Theatre, The Southwark Playhouse, Atlantis Bookshop, Leighton House Museum, and the Handel&Hendrix Museum. In New York, Scarlett has read at KGB, Bowery Poetry, Berl’s bookshop, and 186f Kepler. In Massachusetts, Scarlett has read at Wellesley College, and at The Town And The County Festival. In Seattle, Scarlett has read at Elliot Bay Books and has also given poetry readings and workshops for teenagers in the youth program enrolled at Paul Allen's MOPOP Museum. In San Francisco Scarlett has read at City Lights.

Scarlett and her work have featured on the BBC, Sky News, ABC Radio News, London Live TV, Soho Radio, Andy Warhol's Interview Magazine, GQ, Tatler, Dazed and Confused, Violet Book, Hunger Magazine.

Sylvia Whitman of Shakespeare & Company, stated "Scarlett Sabet's poetry is mystical and dreamlike, while also grounded in the gritty realities of our world - in the struggles of women, in friendship, in love that lingers and love that's lost, in the dissolution of childhood and in the tragic consequences of war. If you haven't seen Scarlett Sabet perform, seek her out as soon as you can, and be captivated by her words and presence."

Professor Dan Chiasson has described Scarlett as "one of the brightest new stars in poetry’s firmament".

Sir Van Morrison commented on Scarlett's poetry: "What strikes me about Scarlett's work is that it's very cutting edge and it's making poetry interesting again. I love both the intensity and the spiritual aspect she conveys."

Photography by Scarlet Page