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Poetry reading at The Troubadour, London 18 Nov 2019

It's always an honour to be invited by Anne-Marie Fyfe to read at her Coffee House Poetry night at The Troubadour, and it was so lovely to hear all the other incredible poems from such a range of accomplished writers. The theme of the evening, was "Things Left Unsaid" so i read my poem "Scorpio" from my collection Zoreh, which is about things that fester in the space of silence.

Catalyst by Scarlett Sabet 10 Oct 2019

Catalyst, a spoken word album written and performed by Scarlett Sabet and produced by Jimmy Page, is released today on a special 12-inch etched vinyl via

The recorded collection of eight poems also includes a 24-page full-colour booklet featuring liner notes written by Scarlett Sabet and Jimmy Page plus photography by Scarlet Page.

The recordings and mixes were made at Tower House, London, the week of 13th May 2019, using analogue and digital techniques.

"I knew Scarlett's poems were exceptionally vibrant in print and I had witnessed the power of her public readings. I thought it would be exciting to do a project together to emphasise the power of the spoken word in the context of poetry and present her work in a radical form"
- Jimmy Page

Standard Edition

  • Spoken word album featuring 8 poems written and performed by Scarlett Sabet
  • Produced by Jimmy Page and recorded at Tower House, London
  • Includes a 24-page booklet and an etched vinyl portrait of Scarlett Sabet

Signed Edition

  • Signed by Jimmy Page and Scarlett Sabet
  • Limited to 156 numbered copies


  1. Rocking Underground
  2. Cut Up
  3. Euphoric Kiss
  4. The Fifth Circle Of Hell
  5. Possession
  6. And My Lungs Fill with Ecstatic Song
  7. For Jack
  8. Cut Up (multiple return)


Poetry reading for London launch of Camille, Mortimer House in Fitzrovia, London 06 Mar 2019

Photo by Dave Brolan

The London launch for my new book Camille was held at Mortimer House. It was a lovely intimate venue and an acoustic set. I read new poems from Camille such as "And My Lungs Fill With Ecstatic Song" and "Hiding In Plain Sight", as well as poems from previous collections like, "Euphoric Kiss", "Ocean", "Magus", and "Double". Thank you to everyone that came, It was magical.

I was interviewed by Mortimer House's Maslow's magazine read it here.

Photo by David M. Benett

Poetry reading to launch Camille at Shakespeare & Co in Paris, France 14 Feb 2019

It was such a joy to launch my collection of love poems Camille, at Shakespeare and Co in Paris, this Valentine's Day. As always it's such a pleasure to be in Paris. The shop was founded by George Whitman in the 1950's at the same time his friend Lawrence Ferlinghetti opened City Lights in San Francisco. The shops have always been twinned.

The shop is now run by George's incredible daughter Sylvia. Sylvia has been such a champion of my work from the very beginning, I am incredibly grateful to her and Shakespeare and Co has served almost as a compass to my career. Sylvia invited me to read at Shakespeare and Co right after I self published my first collection Rocking Underground, my first reading there was 26th January 2015, with the lovely Heather Hartley.

with Silvia Whitman

My second reading to launch my second book, The Lock And The Key was on the 4th July 2016, that night Nathan Loceff read too. My third reading was June 2018 for my third collection Zoreh which was a blast as Salena Godden read too.

So this was my fourth reading at the shop to launch my fourth book, Camille. It was very special and emotional. As always the shop was packed, I read first, I was ready, excited to read some of these new poems in front of an audience for the first time. The energy I got back from the audience was incredible and spurred me on.

During my reading at one point I thought about how William Burroughs had started writing Naked Lunch upstairs in the shop, how Anais Nin had stayed in the bedroom, where Allen Ginsberg had also stayed and wrote and read. Fast forward to today, great contemporary authors, such as Zadie Smith and Jeanette Winterson have also read at Shakespeare and Co.

Jenni Fagan followed me and read from her book "The Witch in the Word Machine". It was a pleasure to hear her. After our reading Jenni and I sat and signed our books for audience members who had bought them. I found it fascinating hearing different peoples storied of how they had come to Paris, wether they were living, working or just on holiday, and what Shakespeare and Co meant to them.

It was a truly magical evening, you can listen to it on SoundCloud below:

Camille - Released Today & Happy Valentines Day from Paris! 14 Feb 2019

Happy Valentines Day from Paris!

The sky is a brilliant blue, and I’m so excited to be returning to Shakespeare and Co tonight reading from Camille. Thank you to all of you who pre-ordered the book, it was so exciting to see orders coming in from all over the world. Thank you for all your support and being on this journey with me.

I hope you enjoy these poems, they were truly written from the heart.

Love Scarlett


"Hailed as one of the brightest new stars on the international poetry scene, Scarlett Sabet has become renowned for her beautiful prose and emotive poetry readings. Now, with the release of her fourth book ‘Camille,’ a book of love poems published this Valentine’s Day, and her upcoming headline slot at The Hoxton Hotel’s poetry gala ‘Love in Other Words,’ we spoke to Sabet about poetry, performing and the meaning of love."

- Read Scarlett's full interview with Hunger here

Camille 18 Jan 2019

I'm so excited to announce my fourth collection CAMILLE.

It is is a collection of 47 love poems, including 5 new poems: For Jack, Hiding In Plain Sight, Lilith In The Midheaven (new and extended version), And My Lungs Fill With Ecstatic Song, and A Prayer To Hands. These poems in the collection show the soaring joy of true love, a new relationship, and sexual passion.

But CAMILLE also features untraditional ‘love’ poems which show the destructive, obsessive side of love and infatuation, and how easily love can veer into hate. This is a book for everyone, if you’re in a relationship there is a poem you can read to your girlfriend/wife/boyfriend . Equally, if you are single, if you took the courageous steps to end a relationship that was dragging you down and robbing you of your self esteem, there are poems in ‘Camille’ that will make you smile to yourself, and give yourself a pat on the back.

Pre-orders are available here

Euphoric Kiss featured in The Illustrated Secret History of the World 13 Dec 2018

‘The Secret History Of The World’ was published in 2007 and became a New York Times Bestseller. It’s author Mark Booth has attended several of my poetry readings and requested to use a line from my poem Euphoric Kiss (featured in my second collection The Lock And The Key) for the reissue anniversary edition ‘The Illustrated Secret History Of The World’.

It is available now and the line from Euphoric Kiss is ‘Surely Gods here at play...’ and it is featured on page 400 under a photograph of Aleister Crowley.

My interviews for Violet Book magazine 13 Dec 2018

I was very proud to have two new pieces of work published in the latest issue of Violet Book magazine. Violet Book is a biannual British art and fashion magazine launched in 2014 by Leith Clark. Clark, who'd previously worked for British Vogue, and continues to work as a stylist, serves as both the founder and editor-in-chief of the magazine. She created the publication as a reaction to "the way youth is over-celebrated' and made it a part of the mandate of the magazine to commission work from female creatives feeling that the female gaze is lacking in creative fields.

For my first piece I sat down and interviewed the beautiful and brilliant Editor in Chief of Bloomsbury Publishing Alexandra Pringle. We spoke about the power of beauty, racism, travelling to Palestine, and flirting with Ted Hughes. It was such a pleasure to discover more about a woman I was already fascinated by. For the piece Alexandra was photographed by the wonderful Laura Bailey.

For my second piece I had the pleasure of interviewing poet Anne Waldman. I'd seen her perform at the Cooper Union in New York in 2017 with PEN, so it was a pleasure to have a one on one conversation. Speaking to me from her home in Colorado we had a very energising two hour conversation. We discussed political action and apathy, spirituality, her close friendships with Allen Ginsberg and how they came to found the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poets, what it was like growing up on MacDougal Street, New York in the 50’s and 60’s, touring with Bob Dylan on the Rolling Thunder Revue, singing Hare Krishner with Mick Jagger, and her brilliant new book ‘Trickster Feminist’. Anne was so engaging and vibrant.To accompany my interview with her Anne was photographed in Colorado by Siggi Kinski.

This is Violet Book's tenth issue and the cover features actress Rachel McAdams who is also interviewed by playwright Rebecca Lenkiewicz.

Beat Scene: After Hours exhibition at The Troubadour 29 Nov 2018

It was such a pleasure to open up Beat Scene: After Hours exhibition at The Troubadour last week. I gave a a poetry reading, the set featured my new poem ‘For Jack’ ( Kerouac, obviously) . The exhibition is on at The Troubadour till November 30th and features unseen photographs by Magnum photographer Burt Glinn of Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac and Gregory Corso. Peter Harringtons are exhibiting Beat ephemera: a copy of On The Road inscribed by Jack Kerouac in red crayon to a friend, a signed vinyl of Allen Ginsberg’s poem Kaddish to Robert Lowell... It's an incredible exhibition.

Prior to my reading at the launch party, I dropped by the London Live studios and chatted to Luke Blackall.