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A collection of 50 love poems, features long love songs, and short, intimate insights of phases of passion and relationships. Camille also features multiple poems created through the cut-up technique, such as And My Lungs Fill With Ecstatic Song and a love poem/elegy to Jack Kerouac simply entitled For Jack.

Award-winning poet Matthew Yeager has described Sabet’s work as “darkly sonorous vowel music...full of wildness”. Returning to Shakespeare and Company for her forthcoming book launch and reading, Sabet joins the ranks of Allen Ginsberg, William Burroughs, Ernest Hemingway and F.Scott Fitzgerald who were all frequent visitors and performers at the legendary Parisian bookshop, regarded as a literary institution. Since its opening in 1951, Shakespeare and Company remains the epicentre of counterculture and still welcomes young and emerging writers as well today’s leading authors.

Hailed as one of the brightest new stars on the international poetry scene, Scarlett
Sabet has become renowned for her emotive poetry readings and has performed at some of the world’s most treasured book shops synonymous with poetry and the Beat Generation including City Lights, San Francisco and The Troubadour, London, where she is poet-in-residence.