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Camille 23 Jan 2019

I'm so excited to announce my fourth collection CAMILLE.

It is is a collection of 47 love poems, including 5 new poems: For Jack, Hiding In Plain Sight, Lilith In The Midheaven (new and extended version), And My Lungs Fill With Ecstatic Song, and A Prayer To Hands. These poems in the collection show the soaring joy of true love, a new relationship, and sexual passion.

But CAMILLE also features untraditional ‘love’ poems which show the destructive, obsessive side of love and infatuation, and how easily love can veer into hate. This is a book for everyone, if you’re in a relationship there is a poem you can read to your girlfriend/wife/boyfriend . Equally, if you are single, if you took the courageous steps to end a relationship that was dragging you down and robbing you of your self esteem, there are poems in ‘Camille’ that will make you smile to yourself, and give yourself a pat on the back.

Pre-orders are available here